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Thread: Accepting Appointments on Samsung Blackjack (WM5)

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    Default Accepting Appointments on Samsung Blackjack (WM5)

    I have users on my system whose canonical address (sender address displayed when sending mail) is different from their zimbra login email address. When these people send meeting invites, others on the system cannot accept the meeting on their WM5 device. In Outlook w/connector, the meeting invites are interpreted correctly and the accept/reject buttons are there.

    Each sender with this arrangement has an alias for their canonical address in Zimbra (would get "no meeting organizer" errors otherwise). How can I get the accept/reject buttons to appear on the Blackjack without altering the canonical address or username?

    Am I screwed because the canonical address cannot be the same as the login email address?

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    This is probably because the invitation's organizer field is set correctly. Could you open a support ticket so that we can get logs? In sync.log we want to see how the invitations from these special users are downloaded to attendee devices. Thanks!

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