I run 4.5.5_GA_838.RHEL4_20070518071230 RHEL4 NETWORK edition with OutlookConnector and I have a licence with MobileZimbra active installed.
I have just bought a Treo 750v and I would like to syncronize it with my zimbra server.

Short said: I do not manage to get the connection/sync with the server.

What I did is the following:

1) I install on a PC the ActiveSync software (version 4.2.0) coming with the telephone.
2) I plug in the telephone (USB) to the PC first it syncs with outlook => OK
3) with the telephone still plugged on the PC I add a config for the server: without SSL. It gaves me an error message "under the give address no Microsoft Exchange Server was found".
4) I say I do not care accept anyway the setup and start the sync => on the telephone pops up a window asking me again the passwd ("the given passwd is incorrect enter again), I enter it again, but it manages to sync only the local (on PC) stuffs, on the server side there the same error as before "under the give address no Microsoft Exchange Server was found"
5) I change the server settings "use SSL": again same story but different error message "the syncronization ocould not be completed, retry" (actually it did not even start)

what's wrong? what should I do? please give me some hints.

I have some questions too:

1) first of all how do I see that my server has the zimbra mobile active and ready to get connections/to sync with a mobile phone?

For what I do understand it should be the case but I am not sure:
- in the Admin Exstensions "com_zimbra_mobilesync" is listed up
- in my default COS Featuers "Zimbra Mobile" is present and checked
- the user that I want to sync (like all others) have in the Features "Zimbra Mobile" present and checked.

is that enough to be able to sync? what else should I do/can I check on the server side?

2) if I choose to make a sync with the server using SSL does this refer to the web application running over https on port 443 or does it refer to SSL for IMAP service being enabled? I ask this because my user web runs (still) under http but the SSL for IMAP is enabled in the server settings.
So would be appropriate in this case to set "use SSL" or not?