Hi All,

Im running a evaluationserver of zimbra and would like to test out the mobile module on a Palm Treo 750w. Is the mobile module functional in the ZCS evaluation (4.5.5 running on OpenSuse 10)?

The reason I ask ofcourse is that I'm unable to get it working. I've enabled the mobile option everywhere I got think of (default cos, server, user) but the phone keeps throwing error 0x85010014 at me. I've got the webgui running on port 8888 on my server and because activesync on the phone doesn't have an option to specify a port, I've setup a public IP with it's port 80 forwarded iternally to port 8888 of my zimbra server. The webclients works fine through this setup so I expect that activesync should understand this as well, I'm I correct in this assumption? (for example, does activesync only require tcp to function or does it require some more protocols).

One more thing I did before I arrived to where I am now, I've exported the ca certificate from the zimbra server (changed the format of it to make it importable on the phone, it's in der format if I remember correctly) and imported it on the phone. But I've setup the exchange server settings to not use SSL so I don't think this certificate is even used at the moment.

Any idea's anyone?, I would really like to get this working because the combination zimbra and local activesync doen't work so good for the user im setting this up for (who is my boss f.y.i.).

Thanks in advance for your swift solution!