Hi there. My first post here. I'm an IT Administrator who manages a LAN based on 50 windows client pc , 3 linux servers and 1 As400 IBM . We are currently using qmail as mail server solution and until now it has worked perfectly ( POP3 protocol and a mixed situation of Outlook 2003 and Thunderbird clients).
Recently we bought a few new smartphones as indicated in subject for our sales manager and technicians who are very often abroad. Our need is to implement a solution that keeps them synchronized when they are not "at home". I mean that they should be able to:
1) automatically receive e-mails when a new one arrives on their server mailbox.
2) If they delete it , it disappears also in their server's mailbox .
3) If they add a new contact through their smartphone , this will be stored and available in our server.
Is it possible to do all this with zcs ( my boss wants to switch to a real messaging and collaboration server) and is the samsung sgh-i600 well supported?
Many many thanks in advance.