For few days, in my company we use zibra server, and we have a little problem. We use web, Mac connector, Outlook connector and we have no problem with sync, but when we use PDA with WindowsMobile 2003, WM5.0 or WM6.0 we have a little problem, data is syncing but there are problems with our regional fonts (we have 8 regional fonts), when I sync PDA using ActiveSync, 7 polish fonts are replaced by "?", so i have a lot of "?" in my contacts and calendar event

Very strange is that sync with Outlook, iCal is without problems. I sync my contacts from Mac with zimbra and every thing is OK, but when i syn PDA with zimbra there are "?" (when i sync PDA with Mac - using MissingSync - there is no problem).

When I make new contact on PDA (with polish fonts) and i sync it with zimbra there is similar problem (i don't see "?" but i see dots)

So can you help, I think "character set" is aproblem, Microsoft standart is windows-1250 and i suppose that zimbra use ISO-8859-1.

I ask our zimbra server administrator to resolve that problem, but he start using zimbra two weeks ago and he is very fearful...

I don't understand why iCal and Outlook sync without problems...

P.S. sorry for my english