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Thread: HOWTO plan a shared resource on a windows mobile device

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    Default HOWTO plan a shared resource on a windows mobile device?

    Good morning,

    I'm a user of the Network Edition incl Mobile (bought a license).

    We have 15 users and some shared resources. When planning appointments in Zimbra, the location is automatically scheduled. (we receive a confirmation mail). This is great!

    But when using a Windows Mobile device, when we plan an appointment, what are we supposed to do to plan a shared resource? (like a meetingroom)? When we type the name of the shared resource, things look to go ok, but the appointment is never booked in the shared resource (and no confirm mail either).

    When we type the meetingroom as an attendee, it does work. But then the 'location' field is empty so you cannot easily see where the appointment is scheduled.

    Am I missing something? How is this suppose to work?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Any answers to this? I'd like to know too.

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