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Thread: Appointments on Treo all have reminders. Why?

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    Default Appointments on Treo all have reminders. Why?

    All appointments that I make in the Zimbra calendar using the web interface, have a Reminder/alarm set on my Treo 700wx after ActiveSync does it's thing.

    Also, when I make appointments on the Treo (reminder is set to none), they get synced to Zimbra using ActiveSync and Zimbra pops up a reminder anyway.

    I see an option in Zimbra called "Number of minutes before an appointment to show reminder" but I don't want to set that to Never, because sometimes I want the reminder.

    For a teleconference I probably want a 10 minute reminder. For a dinner engagement I might want an alert an hour ahead of time. But for a plane trip a 10 minute reminder is an annoying alert.

    Are the only options in Zimbra "Always" or "Never"? Can't that be set for each appointment?

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    This is a missing feature. There's already a ticket open:

    Bug 10559 - Support for reminders


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