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Thread: I love it!

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    Default I love it!

    I love the Zimbra email system and the support these forums provide. I currently have it set up on Abit K89 with an AMD X2 5600 with 4 gig of ram running Centos5 i386. I am going to be doing a bunch of things with this box so I needed all the horsepower I could muster.

    I have managed to move the default ports for the web and ssl so I can run the company website on the standard port 80. I am curious though about one thing I have never tried, and it may be a stupid question but can I change; somehow? I did some searching around on Google and I must not be typing in the right stuff because my searches have resulted in some odd results. Plus I'm tired as hell and just want to get this thing finished and working before we get spammed to death on the old system.

    I've never tried to convert a port number to a word?? Our old email system is setup with /webmail and changing it to port is just going to screw everybody up. I swear I work with people that need instructions to fuel their cars.
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    Welcome to the forums,
    You really just need to tell us what web server software...

    It could be as simple as a redirect page at pointing to
    If you don't do it webserver side, put this in a simple html at
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=">

    If your already using apache for your other site these might stir your interest: (and they also tell you how to change the webmailport)
    ZimbraApache - ZimbraWiki
    Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - ZimbraWiki
    Hosting other sites with Zimbra - ZimbraWiki
    Using Tomcat with Apache (mod jk) - ZimbraWiki
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    Thank you mmorse for your reply. I was beginnin' to wonder if it was such a stupid question everybody else was laughing too hard to respond. Here is what I am using;

    @mail ~]# httpd -v
    Server version: Apache/2.2.3

    I have zimbra working on port :81 with no problems and the admin on :7071 and our company website is working fine

    Texas Pulmonary Consultants

    homes for sale apartments dating at

    It is only running on a 1.5 down 348 up DSL line so its really slow right now. Our T1 will be going in hopefully in a couple of weeks and we can start using it.

    I'll try some of the things on the links you posted but I did not see anything right off the bat that would change :81 to /whateverIwant but this link

    ZimbraApache - ZimbraWiki

    may work. I could set up Texas Pulmonary Consultants for zimbra and Texas Pulmonary Consultants and I think the users will remember that.

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    Default can you just put a redirect page on your company website

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