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    Default MS's Secret Infatuation

    I laugh everytime I come accross this and I just realized we never hit upon it here:
    Microsoft's curious infatuation with Zimbra, redux | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET Blogs

    I guess microsoft needs to revamp their defense:
    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    1. Zimbra is a small company.
    hm, not anymore!
    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    Zimbra doesn't integrate as tightly with Microsoft technology as Microsoft's Exchange does.
    That's like saying "only I know what I'm thinking"

    Well if you stick to a closed architecture...
    An Antic Disposition: A File Format Timeline & Open Malaysia: Is VML in or out now, or was that a typo?
    (I know, it's not mail specs but humor me)
    MS isn't even ready for it's own formats: Steve Caravajal's Ramblings : Excel 2007 Add-in for Syncing with SharePoint

    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    Zimbra only offers Exchange-to-Zimbra migration.
    Oh really!?! Clearly they need to reword-because I guarantee that people here migrated from other products.

    Did MS mean to infer "How would you migrate back to exchange?"
    Why would I? (stuff is already in standards compliant formats on Zimbra) Are you expecting that Zimbra engineers build Microsoft a converter tool?
    MS office formats are not even compatible with their own old or new stuff: An Antic Disposition: Compatibility According to Humpty Dumpty

    Are you saying that you think it's a lock-in format? Cuz you have SUCH a proven track record there:
    (You seriously have to read that it's just a paragraph)

    This part is great:
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Asay
    Speaking of which, Microsoft lists several Zimbra strengths that sound much more compelling than its defense of Exchange 2007:
    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    * The open-source-software components [used by Zimbra] are proven solutions by themselves, many with large existing user bases (MySQL, OpenLDAP, Apache, PHP, SpamAssassin).
    * Its' [sic] class of service architecture allows for simple tiered access to services.
    * Searching via their Web interface is fast and robust (AJAX query builder).
    * The Verity HTML converter allows for fast rendering of 200 documents to HTML.
    * Zimlets, can provide a more interactive user experience compared to the Microsoft equivalent of SmartTags.
    * The Documents solution provides integrated wiki-document sharing with powerful embedded document features.
    * The AJAX interface is pleasing and has a "wow" [The wow is now?] factor due to speed and Zimlets. Additionally, its' [sic] interface is identical across Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera.
    In short, we, the Microsoft Exchange team, sorely wish that we would have developed Zimbra, because the only thing we've got going for us is incumbency.
    Parting zen thought:
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Asay
    Exchange will never be much more than it already is, until it's completely rearchitected to be...

    ...more like Zimbra.
    Free Zimbra gear if someone can guess how many MS IP's download Zimbra on a regular basis
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