I have test zimbra 4.5.x and fell in love with it... but it didnt have the share folder option that i wanted.. (me not a big fan of hard coding fetch mail now..).. tried out 5.0RC2 and it rocks... but oddly enough it ran a little slow... and for the love of god my outlook was playing the fool..

Under a push by my management .. i was forced to abandon my testing of 5rc2.. to test other products.. since they couldnt wait for 5.0 final release (impatient fools)..

Been testing Gordano Email server and other products include MS stuff... and to be honest.. they dont come close to Zimbra..

So today i am back to reinstalling 5rc2 and doing a demo next week after christmas day.... (hopefully by then the final release of 5 would be out) so i can wow them more..

Thanks to Zimbra Team for all the support you have given me

i luv you guys