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Thread: From 3.1 to 5.0.2 Ė my Zimbra success story

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    Default From 3.1 to 5.0.2 Ė my Zimbra success story

    I heard of Zimbra the first time in Fall 2005. At this time I just had started preparing for my first MCSE exam, was only using Exchange as mail server and had never thought that I would ever use a Linux-based mail system. But then I discovered Zimbra. I heard of it because itís amazing Ajax-driven web frontend (I always was fascinated by such new technologies and was coding Ajax sites/apps myself). So I managed to setup a test server, downloaded the latest NE trial (I think it was 3.1) and had a look at Zimbra.
    I was so fascinated by this product, itís community, the helpful people in the forums that I migrated my small Exchange server (5 users, mostly family) to Zimbra which worked like a charm. Later I contributed the first German translation and continued working with Zimbra very intensive.

    I am currently using Zimbra for my family and also for the board of directors of the biggest Austrian student organization ( A few weeks ago we had to move to another server because the old one was running out of resources. A one-day downtime was planned but I couldnít go online with the new server after two days because a nasty error I couldnít fix. After consulting the forums and Klug I contacted mmorse via Skype and he was our hero because he found the error after a few minutes, two hours later the server was up and running! I donít know any other company where you get such fast and good support!
    I am sure I will continue using Zimbra for a lo
    ng time because itís simply the best.

    PS: I never continued making the MCSE and never regretted it

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    Anytime! - Severname changes are fun

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