First off thanks to all that helped during my arduous effort to make this work with what I have.

I started with a Debian 3.0 system, that had been upgraded to 3.1, and years later I have upgraded it to 4.0 (mostly). It still runs Exim3 rather than 4 due to the effort needed to install, let alone migrate to Exim4. This build after many hours/days/weeks turns out to not be able to route email correctly for a split domain.

After realizing this, I blew off steam for an hour or so with heavy machinery in our service bay. Hydraulic rams and flat harddrives are amusing.

Once all my hard drives were pancakish, I decided to forgo the standard split domain recommendations and I set up a subdomain with all roads pointing to Zimbra. It was on our DMZ along with the current mail server.

An hour after uninstalling I had Zimbra up and running. It works, I'm testing, we are evaluating. Thanks all.