We have a small office and do IT consulting work... I've been limping the exchange server along, kind of like the mechanics car that never runs ? I know exchange pretty well, as does Management but, after another issue with it this week, I was given the go ahead to migrate us to Zimbra.

I completed it on Friday evening and all is good except for HTML rendering in emails sometimes.... but I'm download 5.0.6 as I type this to fix that issue

I ended up using exmerge to spit out all the mailboxes (only about 15GB) to PST files, then imported them one at a time. Since my ass is kind of on the line for recommending Zimbra I had every intention of manually verifying each mailbox at least for a minute or two

Everything went very smoothly, except when Outlook 2003 didnt completely close in the background and the next pst I imported ended up being from the previous MAPI profile... not too big of a deal since I noticed it right away and just redid that mailbox.

I have to say, I'm very impressed with Zimbra so far, I have been keeping tabs on the product for about 9 months now. I appreciate all the work you guys put into it, good job ;-)

One thing I haven't seen addressed so far, assuming this goes well in the coming weeks, I'm going to recommend we upgrade to the Professional Edition.... is that a fairly easy migration (hopefully upgrade) from the open source version?