Just wanted to tell all the people interested in Zimbra about Zimbra Course from a participants view.

First, i have being admin of Zimbra installation since 2006 and I am very happy with the product. I consider myself as somewhat experienced Zimbra administrator. I am now working for a Zimbra Partner, and did also before, selling Zimbra with the SaaS model.

I have wanted to go to a Zimbra Course for a long time, and this week I did, in Paris. This is what I personal think of the course.

I knew that the first of three days would be very easy for me, and I migth not learn anything that day. Oh well, i did. What you learn on the course is how to get the best out of Zimbra. The Course covered so many things I was not aware of, so many cool features for the administrator and so much nice info about how to deploy large installs. The course covers a great deal more than i have mentioned now, see that it's past bedtime.

I HIGHLY recommend anybody working/thinking of Zimbra to take these courses. We were 8 people, a great crew of people from around the world. Nice to talk to other people, and their experienced aswell.

Sorry that my English is not the best