I just installed Zimbra and migrated from Exchange server this last weekend. I run this for a completely personal domain, and serve mail to my wife and kids, plus my brothers and sisters. All in all I have about 8 e-mail accounts. The more I use it and learn about it, the more I love it. Also, this forum is wonderful and if I have to post a question, you've given answers in a helpful and timely manner. The most amazing thing so far is that this is all free! I'm not used to open source being so wonderful (well, Ubuntu rocks too, I guess).

Anyway, here is the first of several user inputs that I plan to post for you. Thank you once again!

Quick feedback: *I don't think I've seen this feature in the past, but I sent myself something from my work email with a ton of attachments that I was asked to burn to a CD - It was great that rather than having to download each individual photo, I was able to click "download all attachments" and it put them all in a folder on my desktop for me. *It was very efficient. *Overall, this system seems to be very intuitive and user friendly. *It's responsive and altogether, I like it. *Thanks for taking care of us and our email needs

That was from my brother.