Hello All,

I have been using zcs ce now for over 12 months for my and my families personal email and I am over the moon with it. It is a great piece of software. Running nice and steady on Debian 4 (etch) =:-)

Ever since my first install way back I have been running daily back-ups via a script (just tgzp'ing the zimbra folder), and last night was the first time I had to use it. HDD failure =:-(

Initially with the links that I found in the wiki and on the web I was 'shaking my head' thinking 'this is going to be a ball ache'. However it was surprisingly easy once I sifted through the mounds of information, and has only solidified my view that this mail server is awesome.

So here was my experience.....

1. came home and heard the HDD grinding .... uh oh!
2. grabbed a new HDD, swapped over and installed Debian 4 again (base system profile) and also upgraded some components.
3. installed zimbra required packages using apt
4. sorted dns out and removed exim4
5. did a clean 'new install' of zimbra (keeping install source in /opt for later)
----- now the restore stuff ----
6. stopped zimbra services
7. renamed zimbra folder in /opt to zimbra_old
8. extracted tgz backup to /opt/zimbra
9. ran ./install.sh from within zimbra source folder
10. hey presto ... once installation was complete, everything was started for me and up and running!

I was sure there had to be more to it ... but no. /me is a happy bunny!

Got to love Zimbra.

Dan =:-)