The other day our Zimbra Server (at that time ZCS 4.5.5) stopped working. Evidently we had a bad version of ClamAV installed, and that quit working, so all mail (3000+) got to go to the lovely deferred queue!

I had tried upgrading ClamAV, changing the restart interval, and creating the .pid file, but all to no avail. So, I figured it was time to upgrade.

I attempted to upgrade, but after my attempts of failure...I sent out an SOS in a thread & PM. Alas, a life preserver with my name on it was thrown down from the skies above....

I explained my situation, and just an hour later I had email flowing again, and also go Zimbra was upgraded to 4.5.11 (would have gone to 5, but I need to update my operating system first).
None of this wouldn't have been accomplished without Mike! A thousand claps, hugs, kisses, balloons, standing ovations, raises glass *insert alcoholic beverage*, and heres to 'mcode151' Mike Morse