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Thread: Success upgrade from 6.0.10 to 7.0 Ubuntu 10.04

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    Default Success upgrade from 6.0.10 to 7.0 Ubuntu 10.04

    Hey Gents!

    Just did a upgrade on a test system from 6.0.10 to 7.0... This worked great! and was successful. Much better than the terrible v5 to v6 upgrade.

    The test system was a network edition with around 150 random accounts we picked out and copied from our production system. The amount of data on the 150 users is around 200G.

    Did experience some issues with the new activation part under the installation, but it looked like it sorted itself out.

    Looking for valid license to install...failed to install license.
    Failed to install a license - this will prevent your server from functioning properly
    Please contact Zimbra to obtain a license
    Press RETURN to continue 
    Activating license...license activated.
    Will keep you updated the next couple of days if we encounter any issues when our team will do function testing on the system.
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    I also received this error but when I checked in the admin console the license was showing as activated and there were none of the error messages you get when you don't have a license.

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    Had this error as well, but everything is working OK.
    Well apart from the default font, but found a fix in the forum, and how it looks very nice, and professional (Also my users opinion)
    Amazing how a very simple thing can make a big user attitude change.
    Well done Zimbra.

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