Earlier this month we completed the migration of our Zimbra hosting farm (we are a Zimbra HSP) from a mix of physical and virtual servers to our new private cloud platform.

The downtime was minimal, and if you are going to be in Portland Maine on Wednesday, June 29 and would like to attend an educational seminar we are presenting: "Cloud Hosting Evaluation", please just register on our web site. Our Zimbra hosting farm migration is just one of the case studies we'll review as our private cloud hosts not only our Zimbra hosting farm, but also a number of clients' own dedicated Zimbra servers and a number of clients' non-Zimbra servers. We will also cover migrating an eClinicalWorks EHR server and a Microsoft SQL Server server.

The seminar (free, but you must pre-register) covers cloud hosting in general; how we came to insource our private cloud instead of outsourcing it, what lessons we've applied to our private cloud infrastructure gleaned from all of the cloud outages we've all read about in the trade press, and most importantly; how companies can decide if cloud hosting is appropriate for their business (it isn't always) and if so, how to evaluate cloud hosting providers.

To be clear, this seminar isn't a sales pitch as it's mostly for existing clients. We architected our private cloud infrastructure for a very narrow range of client needs, mostly to help a portion of our current managed services client base migrate end-of-life premises-based systems. (Zimbra hosting is a small, albeit growing percentage of our business...).

Happy to discuss our Zimbra farm migration here too if you can't make the seminar. Please just post some specific questions. (We used the "install.sh -s" method to migrate our servers on a rolling basis so we could end up with all servers on SLES11 SP1.)

And if you do intend to come to the seminar, please put "Zimbra Forums" in the Notes section of the registration page.

All the best,