We upgraded our Zimbra Hosting farm last night successfully from 6.0.12 to 7.1.2, except that our own Documents were not migrated to Briefcase documents entirely. After the upgrade, only about 10% of the Documents had been converted; the rest were missing.

This was surprising to us since we had cloned our farm in XenServer to test upgrading to 7.1.1 and all of the (hundreds of) Documents were cleanly converted to Briefcase documents no problem.

Fortunately, Zimbra support responded promptly (Thanks again SO MUCH Ramadan!!!) and, surprisingly easily and painlessly, we recovered everything within a few hours of our filing the support request.

Frankly, no software will ever be totally perfect, but Zimbra support has always been there for us, and to us and our clients, that high calibre of support provides us and our clients with a tremendous amount of peace of mind.

In case others have this issue, this is what needs to be done after you upgrade and notice the Documents did not get (completely) converted to Briefcase docs:

First, as the zimbra user identify the Zimbra ID of the mailbox whose Documents were not converted:

zmprov ga user@domain.com | grep zimbraId

Then, just run the conversion script manually as the zimbra user, using the zimbraID gleaned from above:

zmsoap -z MigrateAccountRequest/migrate @action=wiki @id=a3c062a7-6acd7-400d-9aee-62bg7d3085fb
(Just replace the example ID above with the real ID from the impacted mailbox.)

So far, a number of clients have reported that the system seems a little snappier, and everyone is glad all the Chrome-related bugs are gone.

Hope that helps,