Just want to share that we successfully migrated our zimbra NE from 6.0.10 to 7.2 (sorry wrong title)

We have two type of installations, standalone and multi-servers

Some issues faced:
- zimbra mta inet_protocols

- zimbra proxy timeout

- zimbra LDAP replication SSL

I believe some issues (e.g proxy timeout) could be avoided if I found out about the LDAP SSL first (in my case I found it last).

So, the steps for upgrading should be:
1. Upgrade master LDAP
2. Upgrade slave LDAP
3. Check LDAP Replication status (/var/log/zimbra.log)
4. Upgrade MTA/Proxy
5. Upgrade Mailbox

Minor issues after upgrade:
1. User signature is not working for reply. Need to go preferences and save the signature again
2. Couldn't find resources. You need to force sync GAL

Extra Preparation step:
Make sure you have the license file and your activation limit >= mailbox servers

Hope this help the rests in upgrading their Zimbra servers


Sugianto So