I would like to share with all you our positive experience regarding Zimbra.

Some informations about the company I work for:

- Organization Type: Public Healthcare
- Location: Italy
- Structure: 4 hospital and 12 branch office;
- Number of mailboxes: approx. 3000;
- Infrastructure: Single VM on VMWare ESX hosted in our internal datacenter.

We moved from Netscape Messaging Server to Zimbra Collaboration Suite in late 2007 due to the clearly superior features Zimbra (even back in 2007) offered, like the Web Interface and the advanced collaboration opportunities and we never regret the choice for a single moment.
In 2011 we discovered the perfect complement for our Zimbra infrastructure: ZeXtras Suite. It allowed us to serve and mantain a top-level service with a low impact on the costs.

I wish to thank all the people at Zimbra, keep up your great work.