Hi there,

Dont know whether you guys remember me or not but I've been using Zimbra since MII. I really love it!

Two months ago, I decide to deploy Zimbra Open Source for my employer, which is one of the biggest bank in my country. The bank has about 1200 users and was using qmail-ldap/squirrelMail at that time. I introduce Zimbra to the managers and they "WO" alot! So we migrate to Zimbra and the users have never been happier! I personally got a lot of "thanks" these days and I really want to forward these "thanks" to you the Zimbra team! You make the most wonderful open source product ever!

That's the greeting and here is the good news: my managers are considering to buy Zimbra Network Edition. We have some questions for you:

1. Can we upgrade the Zimbra OSS to Zimbra Network Edition Trial version then down-grade it if we cant afford the license? If yes, is there any document available?

2. The last time I checked, Zimbra doest allow the hybrid license model such as a small group of users uses zimbra network edition and the rest uses zimbra open source edition. Can we do this now? Is there any workaround? We just want to buy Zimbra Network Edition for a small subset of our users!

3. Zimbra's pricing is too high for third-world countries. We are in Vietnam and we can't afford the pricing. Do you have any special offer or discount for us?

Best regards,