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    Hi all,

    Just like to says thanks to all and every one devoted to Zimbra.

    I have just migrated a client from OpenXchange to Zimbra OS.

    Installation was a breeze on Fedora Core 5 due to the excellent info on the forums and Wiki.

    Also installed SPF, Razor, Pyzor, DCC and FuzzyOcr, which has dramatically reduced spam to almost zero. Thanks to "inigoml"

    The Administration GUI is easy and intuitive, webmail is loved by all who use it, and the search facility is fast and powerful.

    Ok so maybe I sound a little to jubilant and there are a few bugs that are filed, but what I see is a great product with longevity that has got my client thinking "well this is better, maybe we do need the Network Version". That would be of benefit of all concerned.

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