I signed up for a hosted Zimbra account yesterday. Now I have:

- 400mb of stuff in my zimbra account from my exchange server account
- perfectly working outlook with the outlook connector on two machines
- perfectly working evolution on my Linux desktop with the evolution connector

I've been struggling with email since I switched to Linux on the desktop, and now it all works. Surely something horrible is about to happen to me?

No, but seriously. This is insane. I have overnight become a true Zimbra Evangelist. To be honest, when I was using XP on 3 machines, I was really happy with a hosted Exchange server account ( it wasn't my job to keep the server running ) but after the switch to Linux I was very discouraged. The Evolution Exchange Server plugin is horrible and I've been struggling with the frustration of having a great OS on my desk that made me sacrifice on email and calendaring.

I switched to Zimbra expecting to be using the Webmail application (which is the best Ajax app I've seen to date) so having things work flawlessly with Evolution has floored me.. I'm truly happy!

Thanks for the great work guys. I'm just about to build a team for a new project which will be a mixed environment of Windows, Linux and Macs and Zimbra is a NO BRAINER. The team includes several people from the corporate side who I will enjoy educating on the new rules of software. Microsoft do NOT know best.

PS. I know that most people here are running their own servers, but the hosted account I got is with http://www.voxel.net. Good support, and sensible pricing on single user accounts.