Just wanted to give a big thanks to Zimbra for all your help.

I had a disaster where my Exchange server basically died on me. After spending a day trying to restore it, I pulled out my old notes on Zimbra. A few months ago I had a "future plan" to migrate to Zimbra - but circumstances dictated there would be a wait (financial reasons - I wanted new server hardware).

I dug up an older PIII server, got the install up and running and people are now getting their emails. I am working on getting mail from the dead exchange box - but that is another story.

Since this was an emergency, I had no time to prepare. Under normal circumstances I would have done a "dry run" read the manual as best I could and then go from there. Obviously I could not do this with this situation.

I would like to personally thank mmorse and phoenix for their patience and help along the way (for a relatively new linux person and someone who has never put together an email server). I know how much of a pain tech support is, so my thanks go out again.