Well, I'm playing 8)

Save the file as "file.jad" (the .jad extension is needed)

Even with >70 MB available in the Communicator memory, I could not setup the JAR to it. I set it up on the SD.

The main keyboard does not seem to work "directly" : I had to hit a number (on the main keyboard, not phone keyboard) to get the form and type in the server name and co. This has to be done for each field.

Don't forget http:// in front of for your server name 8)

Once launched :
the full screen is used (nice)
the "menu" button works (lots of items in it)
I'm not sure all four buttons on the right side of the screen are working : "Actions" doesn't do anything (while "flag" or "refresh" are)

But the overall thingy is work nice !