I've attempted to install the ZimbraME Client on my Blackberry 7780 running v4.0.0.219 (Platform and got the following results:

ZimbraME Client (0.7.5) for Blackberry
Downloaded and installed. I was able to launch the application but was unable to enter any information into the dialog boxes for server, username and password. The only time it responded to anyone I typed was to move the type cursor up or down the list of boxes. Also the login screen appears to be a little larger then my display (chances are because this isn't a supported Blackberry and it has a different resolution). I can provide a screen shot if needed.

ZimbraME Client (0.7.5) Generic
Downloaded and installed. When trying to launch I get the following error:
Error starting zimbrame 
Module 'zimbrame
does not match codfile
timestamp of siblind module
That's all that shows up on the screen. I think it's getting cut off.

Realize the Blackberry I am using isn't supported but I figured I'd submit this since no one else had.