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To get this JVM, go to this url IBM Software Downloads and choose option 3. You will have to register. You will then be sent to a page with a list of the available JVMs.

**** This is a little different ... you need to select whatever option is 2"WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment"

The select "Windows, Windows CE, Windows Pocket PC, Windows XP: WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment"

THEN you register and ...****

Then scroll down until you find the option for "CLDC 1.1/MIDP 2.0 for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition/ARM" and select the top "Download Now" link in that section to download all the files.

**** I grabbed the Linux .bin file and the pdf install file (read this) and then just copied whatever I need to up to my Q using bluetooth and konqueror ****

Once the files are downloaded, run the exe file to install it. Use the default install location. Mine was something like this "C:\Program Files\IBM\WEME\runtimes\61\wm50-sp-arm-midp20"

When this is installed, go into that location where you will find a zip file. Unzip the zip file to some other location on your PC. I used c:\ibm\J9. This contains the actual files you will copy across to your Q.

On your Q, go to the top level folder or root directory and create a directory called "J9" (without the quotes). Then create another folder called "MIDP20" under "J9". Copy the "bin", "lib" and "examples" folders from the extracted zip file into the new J9\MIDO20 folder. In the extracted folder there is also a "doc" folder which contains installations instructions in PDF format. Don't copy the doc folder across, the PDF is almost .5 MB and is not needed. Do read the PDF tho as it has info on how to install and run the GolfScoreTracker example.

Follow those examples and you will have a running Java app on your Q! Good luck.