Hey Guys,

Not sure if this is the place to put feedback, but here are a couple issues I've run into using the client:

1. When I click the Back button (to the right of the trackball) and I'm in the Inbox View, instead of trying to run a Search, shouldn't the functionality be to hide the application and let me go to the Home screen?

2. None of the shortcut keys seem to work, refresh inbox, search, compose message, etc when I press the button, or when I use the Modifier key to access the numbers.

3. I'm unable to delete a message when I'm viewing it. It works when I'm in the inbox, but not while I'm reading it.

4. When I compose a message, I can't see any of my contacts. I get "Too many contacts to display, please refine your new search" and I don't know how to "refine the search". Clicking the menu key only gives me, New, Done, and Hide.

Thanks for all the hard work thus far,