The loading bar covers the text on the top... which is a graphical glitch. No biggie. Instead of the back key, you must press the C key under the D-Pad in most situations. Sometimes it works as it should.

Instead of pressing the select key, you must press the key in the middle of the D-Pad... again, in most cases. Sometimes it works as it should.

Otherwise, it works perfectly on my 4.99 T-Mobile t-zones internet account.

Great job guys!

P.S. It renders perfectly on my 240 width x 320 height screen. However, one nice thing you may consider implementing is the ability to switch to widescreen like Opera Mini.

I used the Samsung SGH-E900 (en_US) client.


I can dump the firmware if the developers wish to take a look, along with the branded T-809 firmware (Same phone... One comes with T-Mobile... the other unlocked).