I can access mail using ZimbraME just fine when I put the server address in with no protocol:


As soon as I add "https://", I get the prompt to grant access to "https://zimbra.mycollege.edu/service/soap". I let it through, then I get the following error message

"A network error has occurred, probably due to poor reception. Please try again"

When I don't use the protocol identifier, it asks me to grant access to "http://zimbra.mycollege.edu/service/soap" - note the lack of HTTPS. Not good.

So does ZimbraME not support SSL, or are there limitations with the SSL support? I know for a fact that we are running SSL on port 443.

On a side, the grant screen offers 3 options, none of which appear to be "grant this request and all subsequent requests":

  • Yes, Always Ask
  • No, Ask Later
  • No, Never Grant Access

Am I really supposed to authorize every query to the Zimbra server? This happens every time I try to view a message.