I installed the "generic" client on my BB 8703e. It installed, but when I open it, i get the following error:

Error starting zimbrame $2dGeneric $2dMidp2Cldc11$2den_US
$2d0$2e9$2e33: Module 'zimbrame$2dGeneric $2dMidp2Cldc11$2den_US $2d0$2e9$2e33' has verification error 1758 at offset ifa0
has anyone got the "generic" client to work on an 8703e, or am I likely going to have to attempt compiling from the source? (I'd *really* like to avoid that if possible... :-) )

Any idea what might be causeing that error?

Also, once I do get a working client, doe sit prompt me for setup info, such as server and account to log in as?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.