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Thread: Problems with Generic Client (0.9.33)

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    Default Problems with Generic Client (0.9.33)

    I have been testing the generic client, and I have many problems with it, as it happened with previous versions.

    I can login and retrieve the message list, but when I open a message it is impossible to do anything with it. For example, I can't scroll down, reply, flag , delete it... Another thing that is not responding is the touch screen. I have to use the cursor arrows if I want to move down the message list or dialog elements.

    Compose, search and folder navigation all work properly.

    By the way, I have an HTC Kaiser with WM6.0 and Esmertec Jbed 20070822.3.1. Opera Mini runs without issues.

    Any chance of finding a solution? ZimbraME looks very promising and useful to me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Thumbs up Try enabling the tickers

    Hi jdaniel
    I had the same issue with 0.9.33, but found a really neat solution.

    1. Having logged-in, goto Menu.
    2. Goto Settings.
    3. Goto the Display tab.
    4. Enable tickers for Conversations, Messages & Appointments.
    5. Save that.
    6. Go check your email.

    You'll hopefully find your selected message being read to you along the foot of the screen. Such a nice feature, especially if your mobile screen's as cramped as mine... waaay more convenient than having to scroll around the screen, but on the downside your fingers might get kinda podgy from a lack of exercise

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