Hi there
Just wanted to say thanks for developing ZimbraME (J2ME).
Here's some feedback :

1. Installation via the download page couldn't have been better (browse to the page via the mobile, select Generic, then click Install). Doddle!
2. Wow! ZimbraME loads so fast when selected from my applications!
3. Logging into my server worked first time.
4. I can read emails, view calendar items... hugely impressive.

I really can't remember the last time I got something like this working so quickly & so easily. And it works so well!

Next stage is to bite my tongue whilst I try things for a month then show off Zimbra to a select few clients (the J2ME will be the icing on the cake).

I'm so glad I found Zimbra... what a top quality product. Cheers guys! I really hope I can help out a bit in the forum in the future.