Hey guys

Just chanced upon this little gem from Nokia and I feel that it is the best thing to have happened for mobile application developers in a long time. Nokia of course is the leader in mobile technologies and its not often that one gets an opportunity to catch their eye.

Well, now for the big story! Nokia has launched a contest for mobile application developers. And the grand prize is distribution of the winning applications for free through a variety of Nokia channels (besides a hefty cash prize and a trip to Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona). What else does one need to get noticed by the big guys of the mobile world and to top it all, get showcased by Nokia.

Cash of course matters but a chance to work with Nokia is simply priceless!

Details of the contest are available at Calling All Innovators

What they are looking for is innovative applications that raise the quality of living across various spheres of human life. Check it out guys, some of us may just hit it big!