Hi, sorry this thread doesn't belong here but there is nowhere under mobility for the web interface. Move it if there is a better location.

On my N95-8g (S60) I can only read plain text emails. I can only read the subject of HTML emails and there is no content. No errors presented.

The problem appears to be the clever script doesn't work for me.
            <iframe style="width:100%; height:600px" scrolling="auto" marginWidth="0" marginHeight="0" border="0" frameBorder="0" src="/zimbra/h/imessage?id=1285&part=&bodypart=2&xim="></iframe>

        <script type="text/javascript">
       (function() {
            var isKonqueror = /KHTML/.test(navigator.userAgent);
                var isIE = ( /MSIE/.test(navigator.userAgent) && !/(Opera|Gecko|KHTML)/.test(navigator.userAgent) );
                var iframe = document.createElement("iframe");

I could not find any reference to this on the web so thought I should post it. My N95 has the latest software and I was using the standard Nokia browser (As of 17-7-2009 v31.x.x.x???)

https://mail.MyCompany/m works fine in firefox.

I just installed J2ME and it works great once i remember we need httpS:// in front of the server address.

Maybe someone else with a S60 phone should check the free "mobile" web client version of Zimbra.