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Thread: Unable to get PowerShell Zimlet to work ....

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    Unhappy Unable to get PowerShell Zimlet to work ....


    I was really impressed to see that Zimbra had a PS Zimlet. Scanning the file it looks like a lot of effort has gone into it's creation.

    I was quite surprised then to find that it doesn't seem to work!?!?!

    Here are my observations:
    1) Readme.txt describes how to get things up and running, but the process it details is wrong.

    Generate the master script file
    PS> .\Build-ZimbraPowerShell.ps1
    No file called build-zimbrapowershell.ps1 file included in zip file.

    The file used is: ZimbraPowerShell.ps1

    2) The top of the file has a few lines used to describe the script. However it's implemented using a comment block. This isn't supported in Powershell. You need to use "#" instead.

    After commenting out the top of the script. I got a little further.

    3) The function Create-Session throws the following error:
    Cannot overwrite variable isAdmin because it is read-only or constant.

    At line:1 char:1

    + C <<<< reate-Session -?
    As you need to create the session before going any further, this apepars to be a bit of a show stopper.

    From what I can tell the Zimlet appears to be written by Zimbra, so I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this.

    I'm really impressed with the product to date. I'm running the OpenSource version, having moved from a 7 year old rock-solid install of Qmail.



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    Default Zimbra staff?


    Just bumping this thread.

    Surprised no one from Zimbra has commented as this zimlet originates from Zimbra:

    The Original Code is: ZimbraPowerShell
    * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Zimbra, Inc.
    * Portions created by Zimbra are Copyright (C) 2006 Zimbra, Inc.
    * All Rights Reserved.
    * Contributor(s):
    * ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****
    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Author: Sam Khavari
    Can anyone at Zimbra shed some light here? I'd love to get this working and spread the good word



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    Just tried this, is there an answer.

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