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    Default asterisk

    anyone obtained to integrate a server asterisk with zimlet asterisk?

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    Welcome to the forums,

    How about searching: asterisk for setup tips

    Here's someone just this past june:
    Quote Originally Posted by kavit View Post
    I just managed to get the asterisk zimlet working on a different machine than the zimbra box and it works well.

    The issue I saw was RTP streams not having any where to go... this was leading to one end of the call rining and then dying. I was seeing this line in my SIP debug SDP messages

    c=IN IP4

    I set canreinvite=yes on my asterisk 1.2 machine and now calls between asterisk and zimbra work with no hitches.

    Next I am going to try and reverse the order the phones ring..... I want to be called before the person I am calling....

    Thanks for you hard work with Zimbra guys... it is really polished. I hope I can keep helping by reporting issues....

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