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    I assume that this would be the place to find real life people running Asterisk. Is anyone here running a real live asterisk server in a corporate environment? I'm currently considering phone systems, and like the open source thing, but would like to talk to some people that actually have experience running in a medium to large environment and see how the experience has been.

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    I use an asterisk system at home and we are looking into one for work, but unless you are specifically interested in the asterisk Zimlet (which I gave up on a long time ago) then you may get more success at

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    I'm a real life person that has Asterisk in a work environment (70 users). I'm the IT guy that researched, recommended and oversaw implementation. I'm satisfied with it (ease of implementation, low cost, ease of management, functionality & performance all good). The implementation cost was ~1/2 the cost of an average competitive bid and 1/3 the cost of a well known PBX vendor.

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