I'm having a bit of trouble getting the startDate of an appointment sent to a PHP script that I'm writing. The subject, location, and notes for the appointment seem to be getting to the script just fine, but the date does not. Is it some other data type other than integer? (The Zimlet Whitepaper says that it's an integer). I'm pretty sure something is being sent, or the php script would send back an empty string rather than "undefined." (See code samples, and the output I'm getting below).

Thanks for any help that anyone might provide. I'm really diggin' Zimbra, by the way; it's a really nice system. Thanks for making an open source version.

I'm running the 4.5.7_GA_1319.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU6 FOSS edition release running under Ubuntu server 6.06.

Here's the bit of the Zimlet's XML definition I'm having trouble with:
<dragSource type="ZmAppt">
        <canvas type="dialog" title="Server Response" width="200"/>
	<actionUrl target="http://externalserver/myscript.php">
		<param name="apptSubject">${obj.subject}</param>
		<param name="apptLocation">${obj.location}</param>
		<param name="apptNotes">${obj.notes}</param>
		<param name="apptStartDate">${obj.startDate}</param>
Here's the PHP script I was testing with:
PHP Code:
$subject   $_REQUEST['apptSubject'];
$location  $_REQUEST['apptLocation'];
$notes     $_REQUEST['apptNotes'];
$startdate $_REQUEST['apptStartDate'];

"Subject: ".$subject."<br />";
"Location: ".$location."<br />";
"Notes: ".$notes."<br />";
"Start Date: ".$startdate."<br />"
When I drop an appointment into my Zimlet I get this output in the Server Response dialog I setup:

Subject: Test Subject
Location: Test Location
Notes: Some notes about stuff
Start Date: undefined