I am trying to develop Zimlets using Zimbra 5.0 . I have noticed the following behaviour that makes for me the development quite difficult:

When you deploy a Zimlet via the administration console (usually on port 7071), everything goes fine. Ok, I notice I have some bug in my Zimlet, then I undeploy it via the console. Ok, this also goes fine. But yet, wait, when I start Firebug against the running Zimbra client, I see in script Zimlet-nodev_all.js.zgz still the code of the Javascript code of the undeployed Zimlet.

Is this behaviour normal? You undeploy a Zimlet and you still see have the "dead" code on the client? Is this a feature?

What is the best strategy to develop Zimlets under Zimbra 5.0 . Is there some configuration options I should turn on? Which is the strategy you can use to develop Zimlets in a confortable way under Zimbra 5.0? Any idea ...?

Kind regards,

Gil Fernandes