I downloaded the Zimlets Preliminary draft found on your blog. Spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to create my own zimlets. Now I think I understand what is going on but still confused on how they actually work.

Been looking at the com_zimbra_url zimlet as my learning tool while trying to learn what I need to learn. I understand the definition file quite well. My problem comes from looking at the com_zimbra_url.zip contents it includes a javascript file and a class file. I'm trying to place how these are being called in the whole picture.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the xml file. (which is possible) Besides defining the include and resources I don't see where it makes use of the javascript file. As the xml file has the regex for the match and the 2 actions that can be taken on the matched content. Am I missing something here? It looks like to me the com_zimbra_url zimlet could work without the javascript code. This is why I'm confused about the whole thing, maybe looking at the com_zimbra_url zimlet as my basic learning tool was a bad choice but it basically does what I want my custom zimlet to do (get info from a website and display it in a bubble).

On a side note any help regarding zimlets would be greatful, including any simple zimlet test code to help me learn more about creating them. Thank you.