Hi, there,

I have been working on a Zimlet with Zimbra 5.0 that should send a POST request to a server. I wanted to add some POST parameter to it and have written the following code:

var msgValue = 'test';
var reqHeader = {"X-Zimbra-Client":"ZimbraSend" };
var reqParam = 'content=' + msgValue;
var urlStr = "";
var url = ZmZimletBase.PROXY + AjxStringUtil.urlEncode(urlStr);
AjxRpc.invoke(reqParam, url, reqHeader, new AjxCallback(this, this._resultCallback), false);

Now the funny thing is: a Post request is sent, but the parameter 'content' does not seem to reach the server. I get an answer from the server, telling me that the parameter content is not there.

I assume, I might be doing something really silly here. Does anyone have an idea of what could be the error in this case?

Best regards,