Having problems with the Salesforce zimlet.

Zimbra version: zcs-NETWORK-4.5.4_GA_763
RHEL4 64Bit
Zimlet version: shipped with zcs-NETWORK-4.5.4_GA_763

The zimlet appears, but we're not able to connect and it errors out with the following error:

PHP Code:
Login to Salesforce failed!
INVALID_LOGINInvalid usernamepasswordsecurity token; or user locked out.

Check your internet connection and review your preferences
Logging into our salesforce account indicates that a connection was tried but failed with an Invalid Password:

PHP Code:
1/23/2008 8:28:24 AM PST    209.xxx.xxx.xxx     Other Apex API    Invalid Password 
For the password, we're using "normalpasswordSECURITYTOKEN"

Are there any other settings that I've overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated.