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Thread: Email address isn't managed by zimlets when I open/write a message in a new window

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    Default Email address isn't managed by zimlets when I open/write a message in a new window

    Hi all,

    I use the demo account in order to see if lacks where corrected in the 5.0 Version (as we are actually using NE 4.5.4).
    I was surprised by the effort made for ergonomy and enhancement (new functionalities, etc ...) but I noticed that old lacks were forgotten ...

    If I create or open a message in a new window, the email addresses aren't managed by the email zimlet ... that's odd because if it is managed in the web client, it could be in a new windows detached from the principal web UI.

    Adding images seems to be very unproductive solution : what if I don't want to display all attached images ??? A special zimlet could be created to manage adding picture files by drag'n'drop or by searching the files.

    Are the resource reservations more robust ???
    In our actual version, nothing displays when a user tries to reserve the same resource at the same time than another user ... only a notification message that isn't translated (I know that NE 5.0 is translated, but the problem is to prevent users to make reservations and THEN, modify them to be correct !). Any popup is welcome in order to correct this !

    In general, all zimlet are running well in the application, but I think that they need to be extended to all parts of the application. Every email addresses or dates, or web URL have to be managed in every place of ZWC !!!


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    Fixed for 5.0.2: Bug 9858 - Zimlets do not load in any new window (compose, detached view, etc)

    You should also checkout this: /blog/archives/2007/12/one_of_the_coolest_things_ever.html

    You'll want to get on 4.5.10 first (or 11 if it's out when your about to do the upgrade).

    You can find the 4.5.10 release notes here:
    & 4.5.10 itself here: /products/downloads_previous.html

    Do you have any LDAP replicas?

    Please be sure to make a full zmbackup from CLI - I don't remember what version it got fixed in, but the admin console invoke used to excludes a few things that might be handy to have later

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