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Thread: Zimlets won't work

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    Default Zimlets won't work

    I've deployed the Yahoo Maps and YouTube Video Zimlets and they seem to work fine on accounts that are created after the Zimlets have been deployed. Unfortunately they don't work on accounts that already existed before the Zimlets were installed. They're listed under the Zimlets section, but they have no functionality.

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    Welcome to the forums,
    Do you have more than one COS? (When you deploy zimlets they enable for the default COS only - check to see if you need to enable them for other COS's.)

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    can this be considered as a general guideline (sorry if i overlooked this in other threads/documentation..) ?
    Meaning: just deploying zimlet+enabling in admin-interface just isn't sufficient: you need to enable them per cli per COS?
    Thnx for confirming/flaming since this will save us a lot of searching.. (experiencing not/weird functioning zimlets in our migrating community (different browsers, several updates during process etc..) Not always easy to look for the proper solutions.. )
    Using ZCS Network-edition 5.0.16 on Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS and 8.04 LTS

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    Unhappy Zimlets not working here either

    COS is set up fine at this end and the Zimlets show on the users' screens but they only seem to have some functionality.

    If no data needs to be drawn from the internet they seem to work fine (e.g. TravelAgent works as it sends the user to a web page in a new browser window).

    Others display their windows to get user input but then fail to do anything when they need to access internet data (e.g. Local, Google Translator, Flight Status, etc). Some fail with an error (e.g. GoogleTranslator says "An error occurred attempting to translate this message."), others just sit there doing nothing until they are closed.

    Server is FOSS 5.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.04 LTS using standard http port 80.

    One difference from a usual setup is that the server's NIC is on a local 10.x.x.x DMZ IP which is NAT mapped to a fixed IP on the WAN. I seem to remember some Zimlet issues on such a setup when I was evaluating Zimbra 4.0.x around a year ago.

    Do others who are having zimlet issues have a similar IP setup as above?

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    i have the same issue
    the zimlet are listed in the user interface but don't work for users who were created before the installation of the zimlet

    edit : you have to activate the zimlet in the cos in order to make them work....
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