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Thread: Deploying Zimlets

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    Default Deploying Zimlets

    Can this only be done on the server by an admin or can it be done by an individual user account? If it can how?

    Additionally, if they must be deployed/installed server side does that mean everyone using that server will see/have the Zimlet? Is there a way to change who and who does not have the Zimlet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by krdell View Post
    Is there a way to change who and who does not have the Zimlet?
    Okay, from the Admin GUI go to Configuration (left panel) and under Class of Service (CoS) create a new one. You can then set what Zimlets should be applied. Once this is done, you can modify a users account and assign that CoS to the account. This way they will only receive those Zimlets.

    Have you taken a look at Wiki :: Working with Zimlets as this may be of help to you aswell.
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