Would anyone else like to see user-managed resources and locations?

The current admin-only management systems works, but it seems designed for an institution who has a fairly small # of resources to manage. We have people very excited about using the resource management ability of Zimbra, especially our Library group. These kinds of resources would include:

- Projectors/AV equip.
- Classrooms
- Conference Rooms
- Study Rooms
- Vehicles
- Event Locations
- Buildings
- Rare Books/Materials
- Lab equipment (think scanning electron microscopes & such)

The # of resources at our EDU could easily escalate into the 10's of thousands and I'm a bit worried that I'm going to have to write an interface to zmprov, to allow users to create/edit/manage these themselves somehow.

Seems like it would be nice to be able to create resource groups in the admin panel like "Library Resources", and then delegate authority to a small # of users to create/edit/manage resources in this group, through their regular UI.