I have this zimlet that we were using in 4.5 and is now not working in 5.06:

<zimlet name="com_phpministry_oss" version="1.0" description="Database">
<zimletPanelItem label="Manage My Seminars" icon="oss-panelIcon">
<toolTipText>Right-click to Schedule Seminar</toolTipText>
<menuItem label="Online Seminar Scheduling" id="mail.familyfoundations.us:20443/oss" icon="oss-panelIcon">
<canvas type="window" title="Support Form" />
<actionUrl method="post" target="https://mail.familyfoundations.us:20443/oss">
<param name="param">${obj.appCtxt._activeAccount.name}</param>

My goal is for the ${obj.appCtxt._activeAccount.name} to be replaced by the current logged in Zimbra user. I know that ${obj.appCtxt._activeAccount.name} is not correct, but I want to end up generating the url:

https://familyfoundations.us:20443?param="dave", where "dave" is the currently logged in user. Previously, in version 4, this was stored in ls_last_username. Under version 5, the lsl_last_username stored in the cookie is no longer there, so I want to pass the username on the url.

I looked in firebug and found that appCtxt._activeAccount.name} contains the current username, so I am trying to extract that from DOM. How do I do that?